HOT OFF THE PRESS! The Lost Canadians: A Struggle for Citizenship Rights, Equality and Identity by Don Chapman

When Don Chapman was six years old, he was stripped of his Canadian citizenship, thanks to an arcane provision of the Canadian Citizenship Act. Years later, he was stunned to discover the fact, and thus began his David-and-Goliath battle to change Canada’s archaic citizenship laws. 

He’s since become the voice for 1 million other Lost Canadians, whose ranks include such Canadian icons as Roméo Dallaire, Frank Gehry, and Nobel Prize–winner Willard Boyle.

In riveting, pugilistic prose, Chapman describes his fight with Ottawa, and the frustrations and rewards of trying to change an immutable system. He renders in heartbreaking detail the stories of Lost Canadians who’ve had their identities torn from them, thanks to labyrinthine legislation, bumbling bureaucracy, and disinterested politicians. 

Lost Canadians is a revelatory story that could well be the most important public affairs book of the year.
‘Lost Canadians’ are those individuals who have believed themselves to be Canadian citizens or to be entitled to citizenship, but who have not been officially considered citizens due to particular aspects or interpretations of the citizenship law. This book is for the 1 million Lost Canadians scattered across the country and around the world, and for anyone interested in Canadian public policy and citizenship issues. There is no other book on this subject, and Don is the movement’s founder. He’s widely quoted in Canadian and international media on this issue of Canadian statelessness. It’s highly readable and engaging and turns a potentially dry subject into a fascinating one.

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