Ian Munroe, War Bride Child, 18 Year Veteran of Canadian Navy, but NOT A CITIZEN

Ian Munroe War Bride ChildScottish War Bride Frances Munroe and baby Ian (centre) on board the Queen Mary in 1946.

Ian Munroe was born in Scotland and came to Canada as an infant with his mother Frances, a Scottish War Bride who married Canadian serviceman H.B. Munroe in 1944. Ian was born in wedlock and has lived in Canada his entire life, paid taxes, voted, he even served in the Canadian navy for 18 years but apparently that's not good enough for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Ian was told several years ago in no uncertain terms that he is not a Canadian citizen and after many frustrating attempts he nearly gave up but he holds out in the hope that somebody will listen to him and help cut through the bureaucracy at CIC to obtain his Canadian citizenship once and for all.