Vancouver Observer: 10 Part Series on Lost Canadians

Vancouver ObserverIn this ten part series, the Vancouver Observer explores the case of the Lost Canadians: more than 170,000 people from around the world become citizens in Canada every year after entering the country as immigrants. Meanwhile, because of antiquated legislation, the government denies people born to Canadian parents and those who have lived here half their lives, full rights of citizenship.

July 1, 2010
Part One:
On Canada Day, nation's bureaucracy still denies citizenship to children of soldiers

July 2, 2010
Part Two:
Jason Kenney, Canada citizenship minister, refuses to answer questions about continued flaws in laws

July 3, 2010
Part Three:
Bill C-37 and the bureaucratic nightmare

July 4, 2010
Part Four:
Canadian Sandy Burke's fight for Canadian citizenship, health care and Old Age Security

July 5, 2010
Part Five:
Fifty-nine years does not make you Canadian. Papers do.

July 6, 2010
Part Six:
Daughter of Canadian father and war bride, resident in nation for 62-years, but still not "Canadian"

July 7, 2010
Part Seven:
Canada's most irritating activist gets the job done

July 8, 2010
Part Eight:
Denying the deserving a right to call Canada home

July 8, 2010;
Part Nine:
Kafkaesque citizenship laws bestow rights, and take them away

July 9, 2010
Part Ten:
Minors, Lunatics, Idiots.... and Women